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1 min readJan 19
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Don’t be afraid to dirty up the paper in front of you a.k.a. Write out your thoughts.

I prefer writing in a notebook over typing on a computer because it feels more satisfying and soothing for my mind.

I have a much more meaningful connection when I write much like talking to someone in person as opposed to texting them.

Not to mention there aren’t any distractions popping up taking your attention away.

I always carry around a pocket notebook with me in case inspiration strikes or if I want to doodle when I am bored. Most of my ideas and blogs start out in these notebooks and then they are transferred to my laptop.

I also save all of my notebooks and they are interesting to go through them years later. It’s like a time machine to the past because I can see what I am going through and what I did on any particular day.


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