What a Freaking Game!

Wow, what a game!

I wasn’t rooting for either team but there was such a range of emotions for the entire game.

I can’t even imagine what Madrid and Liverpool’s fans were going through.

I don’t really want to go into details about the more controversial parts of the game because there are far more qualified pundits out there than me.

However, people are calling Sergio Ramos a dirty player for a reason. If it were any other players that committed the foul, they would be called dirty. It would just be a “freak accident” type of play.

But honestly, there’s nothing we can do now but congratulation Real Madrid on their 13th Champions League trophy and their third win in a row.

Moving on, that Gareth Bale goal will probably go down as the best, if not, one of the best goals in Champions League history for a few reasons:

1. It happened in the Final
2. It can never be replicated.
3. It was his first touch of the game
4. And of course, this would happen to him after the year he’s had with Madrid.

Sidenote: The buildup to that goal was amazing as well.

I feel bad for Karius but I think anyone that follows Liverpool and the Premier League knows they’ve been shaky at the keeper position for a while.

A similar type goal happened earlier this year when they played Arsenal. Granit Xhaka launched a left-footed strike and their other keeper, Simon Mignolet, tried to block it foolishly with one hand.

The first goal is inexcusable though. It was sloppy, unnecessary, and very surprising to see happen in a game this big. This is something you’d see in a Sunday or lower league game much less the Champions League Final.

With that being said, it pains me as an Arsenal fan to say that LFC has a very bright future ahead of them. The way Klopp has built this team in a few years is remarkable and with players like Firmino, Mane, Salah, etc. I have no doubt they’ll be back to the Final in no time.

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INFJ. Former tour manager. Geek. Soccer. Co-Founder of Mouth Off Network. Host of the Onward and Upward podcast. Freelance writer and digital media guy.

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