Simple Tips on Getting Noticed on Medium

  1. Write — Seems simple enough. No one might be reading at first or even if you’ve posted 100 articles but you do it because you love it, right? ;)
  2. Keep writing.
  3. Add a call to action at the bottom of the post — ask people to follow you on social media and/or mailing list so you can promote your future blog posts.
  4. Find publications to contribute to. It will help build your audience and find new friends
  5. Chat with other like-minded writers and bloggers.
  6. Clap for others to reward them for their hard work.
  7. Repeat steps one through six.

When it comes down to it, it’s not that hard. I could write a multi-thousand word post but in the end, you just need to start and then keep going.

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INFJ. Former tour manager. Geek. Soccer. Co-Founder of Mouth Off Network. Host of the Onward and Upward podcast. Freelance writer and digital media guy.

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