My iPhone X Diary — One Month Later

After a few weeks with the iPhone X, I can say it’s the best iPhone I’ve ever used. I know this is said every year at each Apple Keynote but this time, I really believe it. The design is top notch (no pun intended) and absolutely stunning.

Sidenote: Yes, I am an Apple fanboy.

What do I like most about the X?

Screen Size

I’ve always wanted a screen size that was in between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus much like how I am in love with the 10.5” iPad Pro. It’s the perfect device for me as the 9.7” screen was a tad too small while the 12.9” model was way too big.


The cameras are great especially Portrait Mode. Though it is still in beta, it has gotten me to take a lot more pictures the past week. I always say that I should take more pictures but when the time comes, I forget how powerful the iPhone cameras can be.

No Home Button

Not sure what the fuss is about but it is great not having a home button. I will gladly give it up if it means more screen real estate. FaceID has been great as well and I like using it to unlock my phone, activate Last Pass and my banking apps.

Glass Back

I wasn’t a fan of the aluminum back that Apple has been using for the last few iterations and having a glass back makes this device look so much more beautiful. Yes, shattering will cost you in repairs but knock on wood, I haven’t shattered an iPhone in ten years.

What I don’t like about the X?

Accessing Control Center and Notifications Menu

This is one thing I still can’t remember to do. I still try to swipe up thinking I would get to the Control Center. My thumb can reach the top of the screen comfortably but the user experience isn’t ideal.

Stupid Bar at the Bottom

I know the bar at the bottom is there to remind people to swipe up to get to the home screen but I wish there was an option to turn it off, hopefully in a future iOS update.

Case or No Case?

Having to cover it with a case because I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for repairs. I tried playing with fire and caseless for the first few days but I couldn’t do it. Maybe I’ll take the case off later down the line after it takes the first tumble. Moral of the story: get AppleCare+.

Once You Go Home Button-less, You Never Go Back

Using my iPad Pro doesn’t feel the same anymore. I find myself swiping up from the bottom to go to the home screen but instead, I access the Control Center instead. The first few times I was confused and took me a second to realize I had to actually push a physical button. First world problems!

App Switching Sucks (for now)

The only thing I haven’t gotten used to is switching between apps. It’s more about knowing where to swipe and where to stop to bring up the multitasking screen. Force quitting apps now takes a few extra steps as well.

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