My Financial Future is Uncertain

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my financial future.

I haven’t made a lot of money in the past. The most I’ve made in a year was from 2011–2013 and even then, it was a little over minimum wage each year.

I’ve been grateful for the opportunities I have in my life and don’t regret it for one second but I am turning 33 in a month and am starting to plan for the long term.

I have a few projects going on that I am working towards and putting money in that will hopefully grow in the future but it’s a gamble like any business is.

It just means I have to make a few sacrifices but this is nothing new for me. And I need to work harder in order to be able to provide for myself and plan for the future.

The future is scary but I am up for it.

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INFJ. Former tour manager. Geek. Soccer. Co-Founder of Mouth Off Network. Host of the Onward and Upward podcast. Freelance writer and digital media guy.

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