I don’t get how some people can be rude.

I bumped into a guy by accident at the gym because he was walking in front of me, stopped abruptly, and turned around into me. I said “sorry” even though it wasn’t my fault and he just stared me down like I tried to rob him or something.

He didn’t say anything. he just kept staring at me. I kept walking to the water fountain to fill my water bottle up and he muttered something and walked away.

I was a little surprised and confused because I said “sorry” even though I didn’t do anything wrong and he couldn’t get past this little situation.

I didn’t harm him on purpose or say anything back.

I really don’t get it.

Plus, we were at the gym in a decent neighborhood, not in the streets.

And he still tried to assert his dominance.

Then, I realized something later that day. We shouldn’t let these idiots control our lives.

Maybe he was having a bad morning? Or overcompensating for something else?

Who knows?

We need to move pass it and don’t let it get to us.

I’ve been guilty many times in the past for overthinking and I didn’t want this to ruin my day so I just let it go.

Move on and don’t reciprocate that asshole’s actions to the world.

Instead, be nice to other people.

We can’t control other people’s actions but we can control ours and I do not want to be like that guy.


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