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There are times where I forget to ask those around me about their day and how they are doing.

It may seem like it’s one of those “obligatory” things where you ask someone when you see them to be nice and to make some conversation.

But in reality, it’s a really loaded question to ask someone because you never know what someone is going through.

Most of the time, we just say “good” or “I’m fine” instead of what’s really going on in our lives.



That’s how we choose to live our lives, I guess, or we don’t want to bum other people out and ruin their day with our problems.

I do the same thing but I’ve been trying to be honest with my answers when someone asks me how I am doing or how my day was.

And I try to listen when I ask other people the same question because in the end, why ask it if you don’t really care about what their answer might be?

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