I’m an author.

A freelance tech writer and Digital Media Manager.

I currently live in Southern California.

I follow the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy, USMNT, and Arsenal FC.


Emaline Media — A multi-headed marketing beast in the works (a social media agency)

#CREATEVERYDAY — Creating something everyday, no matter what.

Mouth Off Network — A podcast network consisting of three shows. One of the shows, Queens of Crime, has received 90,000 overall downloads in three months.

A Writer’s Notebook — My weekly newsletter. I’ve carried around a notebook with me for years now and usually jot down notes, ideas, and random things so I want to treat this newsletter as an extension of that.

Daily Blogging— I tried daily vlogging out last year and though it was interesting, it wasn’t really for me so I am going to do what I do best, writing.








Written by

INFJ. Former tour manager. Geek. Soccer. Co-Founder of Mouth Off Network. Host of the Onward and Upward podcast. Freelance writer and digital media guy.

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